July 4, 2022

About 1.7 billion tires are disposed of every yr, leading to an enormous quantity of rubber waste. Whereas loads of efforts are made towards disposing of this rubber waste in an environmentally pleasant method, there’s hardly any efficient know-how to provide retired tires a brand new lease of life with out leaving any carbon footprint. G3C Applied sciences Company has provide you with an revolutionary Triple-Inexperienced Conversion Expertise that pumps contemporary life into the end-of-life (EOF) tires.

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The G³C know-how is called after three main benefits it
provides in defending the atmosphere. First, it doesn’t pollute the air or
generate any waste discharge. Second, it makes use of scrap tires as uncooked materials
as an alternative of any fossil supply materials. And final however not the least, it makes use of
self-generated vitality as an alternative of any fossil gas to run the system.

G³C is the abbreviation for GREEN³ CONVERSION®, the registered trademark of the corporate (G3C Applied sciences Company). The know-how converts waste tires into carbon black, which will be reused for making tires and put into numerous different functions. That is the explanation the tagline of the corporate reads – We Give New Life to Outdated Tires.

The Downside With Scrap Tires

The typical helpful lifetime of tires is three to 6 years. In 2015, 1.76 billion new tires had been manufactured globally. At this charge, 1.7 billion tires will attain their end-of-life by 2021. About 15 p.c of EOL tires discover their manner into landfills, inflicting a severe situation of soil deterioration. Different strategies of tire disposal like mulching and paving additionally pose a danger of soil and groundwater contamination.

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Burning of scrap tires poses even bigger environmental
issues. Burning only one automotive tire generates 22 kg of carbon dioxide, whereas
burning a truck tire generates 110 kg of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, NOx and SOx
are additionally launched within the course of, that are identified to trigger acid rain.

CO2 Footprint of New Tires

New tires are manufactured from virgin carbon black, which is obtained from incomplete combustion of fossil gas. Along with depleting the already waning ranges of fossil sources, this course of additionally ends in huge air air pollution. Producing 1 kg of virgin carbon black emits 2.37 kg of carbon dioxide. Given the estimated manufacturing of virgin carbon black in 2018 to be 12.8 million tons, the trade will emit at the least 30 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The G³C Benefit

The groundbreaking G³C know-how converts scrap tires into excessive
high quality carbon black appropriate for making new tires. The recovered carbon black (rCB)
is remarkably excessive grade and can be utilized for tire carcass in addition to tread. It’s
equally vital to notice right here that there isn’t a destructive environmental influence
at stage of the method.

You too can contribute your bit on this noble know-how and assist our world change into greener. The corporate is accepting worldwide funding by begin engine.